Project Conway 2023 Taking Off!


Dear Conway Farms Members, 

We are a couple weeks away from the project commencement and the closure of portions of the 1st and 2nd holes on August 2nd. The temporary green on 1 will be used and the forward 2 tees on 2 will handle all of the play for the 2nd hole once construction starts. We held our first pre-construction meeting with our architects, Tim Jackson and David Kahn, along with the teams from Wadsworth construction and Leibold irrigation to outline the initial steps of the projects and to assure we are aligned on what to expect during the project and how information will flow between all parties. We emphasized communication during this process as a critical component to our success. This will help us deliver information to Members and staff about expectations throughout the project. We have a great group working together on this to bring the vision of Conway 2023 to fruition. 

Mobilization for the project has begun. Leibold Irrigation has its storage containers, equipment, and dumpster on the backside of the parking lot behind the golf shop. Wadsworth construction, the team performing the earthwork for the project, will bring their equipment and storage container in the next couple of weeks and will be stored in the same area behind the golf shop. Once their large equipment is dropped, it will be transported out the area behind 2 tee where it is out of play. This will help keep an already congested area a little less problematic in the short term and also reduce the amount of times the large equipment has to track across the lot which helps minimize damage to the lot as much as possible. Once we get into August, we will start to take delivery of materials to the lot behind the golf shop as well so we will need to close that entire area and use the expansion lot (the field in front of the club) for staff and caddie parking as well as any necessary overflow parking. 

You will see some people for Leibold irrigation (in the bright yellow shirts) out on the course marking below ground utilities and the existing irrigation system during the next couple weeks. When the first shovel hits the ground, it will actually be around the turnhouse where a temporary communication for the new system will be installed, with wires run from that location to the start of the new system on hole 1. It will run in conjunction with a mainline pipe that will go between the 18th green and small putting in the direction of the large putting putting green. It will cross the path between 18 green and the large putting green and tie back in behind the podium near the first tee to keep water live to the front 9 holes during construction. This will obviously be a challenging area to work with the amount of traffic in that area, particularly around the podium. We will do our best to route any traffic around the construction, but we ask everyone to be mindful of the work taking place and to be careful. Safety is always priority. 

After they make the connection behind the podium, they will cross the cart path and then begin the install of the new mainline for the first hole which will start around the back of the blue tee and run up the left side of the first hole. It will cross the first hole in front of the temporary green and run up the right side of the second hole. Leibold is aware that golf is going to be going on continuously during this process and will do their best to not interrupt play. Again, this is a challenging area to work, but we want to do our best to keep 18 holes open while performing this first step. Their may be some inconveniences along the way. 

On August 2nd, we will begin using the temporary green on the first hole. Conway Farms grounds crew will remove the grass off the fairway on the first hole and transplant it out in the area right of 9 green (the old dump site). We are in the process of mowing that area down and killing all of the weeds so that we can use that large space as a temporary nursery for saving bentgrass sod to use on the front 9 work. The grass that we lay in that area is not permanent. It is going to be moved in the fall. It is going in that area because it is a central location to get water temporarily and keep in relatively good shape until the grass needs to be relocated. 

We will also start to mow down some prairie areas on the front 9 that fall within the disturbance areas of the project to help remove as much material as possible to facilitate the construction process. 

Please see the photos below which help to highlight the visual impact of some of the information detailed above. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this process. 


Connor Healy, Superintendent