The Board of Governors' single most important task is to identify those individuals who share its vision for Conway Farms Golf Club.  Simply put, that vision is to build an old-fashioned golf club whose "first principles" include a devotion to no tee times, fast play, walking the course, and enjoying the fellowship of golf and all its traditions.

The Board acts as a Committee of the Whole on membership decisions.  Only the Board can offer an invitation to membership, and invitations to join are only extended following a vote of the Board.  Membership is by invitation only and is open to both men and women.  No formal application process exists at Conway Farms. 

Membership Categories:Regular- Regular Membership is by invitation only.  Candidates are not required to have a sponsor to join.  Membership representation is developed without regard to gender, race or religion.  Conway Farms Golf Club is a gender neutral club.

Junior- Junior membership is for those ages 25 - 39.  Junior members have full clubhouse and golf course privileges.  Junior Category ages 25 - 39  |  FULL (we are not taking any junior members at this time - wait time is 3 - 4 years)

National- Domicile and principal place of business on the date of admission to the Club must be at least 100 miles from the Club.  National Members, along with their families and guests, are entitled up to 12 golf round days per year. A golf round day is playing nine or more holes in one day.  National members have unlimited use of the Club practice facilities and social activities.




Membership Interest