Pace of Play

It is expected that a round will be completed in four hours. Please use these guidelines to assist you

The TWO Minute SearchLong rough is a feature of many holes at Conway Farms. So are lost balls. Accordingly, a ball should be declared lost after no more than TWO minutes of searching solely by the caddie and player of that ball, so pace of play will not be unduly delayed.

The Open Hole RuleWhen an entire hole opens up ahead of your match, you must ask a faster match behind you to play through. The match being waved through must accept the invitation.

Play "Ready Golf"Always be ready to play your next shot and don't be reluctant to hit or putt even when closer to the hole than other players. If you are ready, fire away, except if safety is in question. Establish the "Ready Golf" approach on the first tee with your fellow players.

Assist Your CaddyAdvance the cause of fast play by anticipating situations, carry an extra club to your ball, or rake a bunker should the caddy be occupied elsewhere with your playing partner.

Please refrain from hitting a second ball off the first tee.