Golf Course Attire

  • Only conventional and appropriate golf attire may be worn on the Club grounds, the golf course and the practice range.   
  • Shorts are permitted for both men and women, but should rise no more than four inches above the knee. 
  • Apparel such as cargo shorts, short shorts, tennis shorts, athletic or jogging shorts, cutoff slacks, swimming attire, blue jeans, halter tops, fish-net tops, uncollared shirts (for men) and T-shirts are considered inappropriate. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  
  • Only soft spikes are permitted.
  • Unless otherwise specified, jackets and ties are not required in the Clubhouse. 
  • Conventional and appropriate informal attire, including golf attire, is considered acceptable for both men and women in the Library, Living Room and Dining Room for lunch and before 6:00 p.m. 
  • Shorts for men and women are permitted, provided they are conventional golf attire (no cargo shorts or athletic shorts) and that they rise no further than four inches above the knee. 
  • Gentlemen, please remove hats in the Porch and Dining Room and when seated in the men's locker room. 
  • A collared shirt must be worn by gentlemen and shirts must be tucked in at all times.  
  • Conventional and appropriate golf attire, including soft golf spikes, may be worn in the Porch and on the Terrace at any time of day and in any carpeted areas leading to the locker rooms.  
  • After 6:00 p.m., shorts are not acceptable attire for men and women in the Library, Living Room and Dining Room, unless more casual dress has been authorized. 
  •  Athletic attire, including workout or tennis clothes, warm-up suits and jogging or aerobic shoes are not permitted in the Library, Living Room and Dining Room at any time of day. 
DENIM POLICY The Denim Policy shall apply to Gentlemen, Ladies and Children. Denim in good taste is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse and Patios, with the exception of the Living Room and Dining Room. Denims must be in good repair. There shall be no holes, rips, tears, tatters, frays, acid wash, handwritten messages, pictures, or inappropriate messages. Denim is NEVER permitted during any golf activity or on the golf course.