Cellular Devices

CELLULAR TELEPHONESThe use of cell phones (Smartphones, iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, Notebooks, or any other electronic devices that can be used as a phone, can send or receive text or e-mail messages, be used as a calendar, etc.) is strictly prohibited at Conway Farms Golf Club with the following exceptions:

  • The only place where a mobile device (as defined) may be used for audio purposes isin acarorin thephoneboothinthe Clubhouse (audio use includes but is not limited to phone calls, videos and music). When notinuse, mobile     devices areto stayinsilentmode.  Absolutely no voice or audio use is permitted except as provided above.
  • Mobile devices are permissible at the Club, on the golf course and practice areas for data use only, never for voice use.  While on the practice tee mobile devices with earbuds may be used discreetly forlisteningtomusic

  • Practicing physicians may use electronic devices for the sole purpose of addressing a patient’s needs while being respectful of areas of use.

  • MembersoftheClubstaff,includingteachingprofessionals,mayuseelectronic  deviceswhenperforming their duties as Club employees.