Evans Scholars

Evans Scholar Program at CFGC 

Conway Farms Golf Club is proud to support the Evans Scholar Program.  The Evans Scholars Foundation awards full tuition and housing scholarships to high-achieving caddies with limited financial means. Seven caddies from CFGC earned the Evans Scholarship from 2017-2018, with a total of 27 caddies earning the scholarship beginning in 1999. To receive an Evans Scholarship, candidates go through a very competitive application and interview process.  They are evaluated on all of the following criteria:

  • Strong caddie record
  • Financial need
  • High level of academic achievement
  • Excellent level of school and community involvement
  • Outstanding character
Young adults that are awarded these scholarships are hard-working achievers.  The program has a 4-year graduation rate of 95%.  The average GPA for an Evans Scholar is 3.3, and 24% of the Scholars are female. 



Conway Farms Golf Club Evans Scholars Alumni

Corey Lewis1999
Elhajamin Young2000
Carlos Pacheco 2001 
Guillermo Rocha 2001
Scott Walker 2002 
Charles LaRosa 2003 
Miguel Rosa 2004
Rafe Pepin 2006
Shelton Davis2007
L. Santos 2008 
Edward Dosz 2009 
Victor Cerda 2010 
Roger Lopez 2011 
Joshua Rafinski 2012 
Justin Rafinski 3012 
Brandon Clarke 2014 
Eduardo Gomez 2014 
Jacob Rafinski 2015 
Sergio de Leon 2017 
Aleksandra Grabowski 2019 
Jacob Kumorowicz 2019
Eder Rebollar2020
Mark Rinaolo2020
Emily Wolf2020 

WGA Caddie Academy
Since 2012, the WGA Caddie Academy has used caddying and the game of golf to bring life changing opportunities to young women with limited financial means.