About Us

MISSION The vision of Conway Farms Golf Club is to be a nationally recognized golf Club that is valued and respected for our superior golf course, the quality of the total golf experience, and the fellowship shared by members and guests. Members and staff alike believe in and support the traditions of golf, the spirit of good sportsmanship, and a mutual expression of respect, assuring that Conway Farms will always be “a very special place”. 

  • A membership representation developed without regard to gender, race, or religion that supports our vision. 
  • A respect for members and staff that is reflected in both golf and social relationships to create a community of fellowship and understanding. 
  • A mission that continuously advances the traditions of golf. These traditions include, but are not limited to, walking the course, and respect for fellow participants. 
  • A superior golf experience manifested by the quality of the course, the facilities and services, and the camaraderie of the membership. 
  • Policies and guidelines that are instituted for the benefit of the membership in total and apply to all members, their families, and guests equally.

  • A superior golf course, meticulously maintained and continuously improved. 
  • A membership that is committed to the interests, values, and beliefs of the Club. 
  • A governance process that insures the Club’s ideals and objectives are realized in a fair and consistent manner. 
  • A staff that understands and strives to create the highest quality total Conway experience. 
  • Facilities and programs that are in balance with the quality of the golf course.
  • A diverse membership. 
  • Financial stability.

Conway Farms Golf Club is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation; a private club by invitation only.